Speaker Information

Key Things You Need to Know for Your Session:

Speakers do not need to wait in the registration line – you should proceed directly to Claire at the Service Desk where you will be instructed on how to get to the Green Room for Check-in and further instructions.

Check the attached program guide to make sure you know the time of your talk as some scheduling has been adjusted.
You will need to check in ​to the green room​ 10 minutes prior to your allotted talk time or panel.This will enable us to get a microphone set up on you in time and to do a final review of your presentation slides.​

If you have not submitted your presentation* yet, it is due by ​Friday, September 22nd. This ensures we have the correct content and it is properly placed for the slide deck.

    *Moderators and Panel speakers do not need presentations.

Presentations must be in a PowerPoint or PDF (preferably in 16:9 ratio) file and we are not able to accommodate people connecting their laptops to the projector.
If you have video in your presentation, it must be properly embedded in the file so it plays automatically when in presentation mode. Otherwise it will not play via the clicker you get on stage.

If you have any breaking news or announcements you wish to release at the conference, you may contact Claire Fukutaki – [email protected]

All of our speakers this year will have a wireless Mic for your talk. So please be aware when you go backstage after your talk to remain quiet until the Mic handler has removed your Mic.

Last but not least there will be no podium this year, so please prepare your talk accordingly.

​If you have not already done so, please provide us with your cell phone number so we can reach you at the day of event in case something should arise.

Also, don’t forget to tweet that you are speaking at the event using #SBBSF17​.