Catherine Pujol-Baxley

Catherine Pujol-Baxley KnipBio

Catherine Pujol-Baxley is the Vice President of Research & Development at KnipBio, where she leads the technical development of new aquafeeds, from conception in the laboratory to testing in animal trials. From 2007 to 2013, she gained a wealth of scientific experience in synthetic biology and industrial microbiology at Genomatica, first as a Senior Scientist and then as Associate Director of Strain Engineering. From 2001 to 2007, Catherine held multiple scientist positions at Verenium (Diversa), where she worked on various microbiology, strain engineering and enzymology projects. She received a PhD in Microbiology from France’s National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) and completed post-doctoral studies in plant pathology at the Universities of California, Davis and Berkeley.

Innovations for Ocean Sustainability (Sponsored by Fish-Free Feed Challenge)

  • 04 October 2017
  • 1:15 pm - 2:10 pm