Yin He

Yin He Transcriptic

Yin He, PhD, is Head of Scientific Operations and joined Transcriptic in June 2013 as the 2nd scientist. She has more than a decade of biological research experience including 9 peer-reviewed publications with first-authorship in Cell Metabolism and Molecular Cell. At Transcriptic, Yin’s team helps clients translate natural language protocols into programmatic code (Autoprotocol) for precise, reproducible and high-throughput execution on Transcriptic’s robotic cloud lab platform.

Yin holds a BS in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Virginia and a PhD in Molecular Biology, Genetics and Genomics from Cornell University. Yin’s PhD thesis focused on identifying potential drug targets in protein folding and endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress pathways in metabolic diseases.

Lightning Talks (Sponsored by M Ventures)

  • 04 October 2017
  • 9:15 am - 10:40 am