Hana Janebdar

Hana Janebdar Uba Biologix

Hana Janebdar is a scientist at Uba Biologix, an IndieBio funded company.  Uba Biologix is a bioremediation company that is exploiting the power of microbiology to develop novel and environmentally friendly processes to clean up wastewater. At Uba Biologix, Hana has worked on the optimization of a bioprocess for the remediation of mine wastewater. Using proprietary technology developed at Uba Biologix, she has improved the efficiency of the mixed microbial component to remove specific toxins from the wastewater. Hana holds a Distinction in her IChemE accredited Master’s degree in Biochemical Engineering from University College London and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Imperial College London.

Environmental Applications of Synthetic Biology (Sponsored by Intrexon)

  • 04 October 2017
  • 3:55 pm - 4:50 pm